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Best DJs in Town, Best Deal All Around

Best Choice DJ’s consists of a combination of friends and family providing entertainment services to people from all walks of life. Though we all have different personalities, tastes, and skills, we all have one thing in common – we all love music. Virtually every event we do is fun and exciting and there’s no way to explain the pleasure we get by making a living doing something we love to do so our work is the labor of love. We get to share some of the most precious moments with so many people, in a world where too many people hate their jobs. We are true and sincere every time we say “thank you” to one of our clients.

We know that each and every event is your day so we work with you beforehand to get your vision as to what your perfect day will be like so we can better provide that for you. Each event will cater to your particular taste and style. We don’t just show up the day of your event and play music; we work with you from the moment you hire us to the end of your event, and in some cases afterwards too. Whether you know us personally or you found us in a directory like OrlandoWeddingDJ.com, we’re going to take care of you as if you were family.

Beyond The DJ Business

We strive to bring you exceptional quality service at an affordable rate, and we are passionate about doing so. But we are much more than just a DJ company. We are much more than a DJ company that offers photography and videography services too. This business provides us with the income to pursue other things we are passionate about.

Owner, Jeremy Kinney (AKA DJ Remy K), also has a blog and website to share his message with the world on www.TheAwarenessRevolution.com. He is a published author with plans to publish new books in the near future, most notably The Awareness Revolution. The book is intended to change the world, and is so profound it’s almost unbelievable. In fact, Jeremy feels it is about some of the most important topics we can discuss, yet for the most part we’re unaware of the deep underlying truths the book reveals. Besides running and DJ business and educating the public about solutions to some of the biggest problems we have ever had to face, Jeremy is also the father to an amazing young girl. Every gig we get allows us to pursue our dream of making the world a better place, while at the same time having fun making your special event everything you ever dreamed of.



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